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Medical waste neutralization system "Medisota" 35.04 (painted steel).
Medical waste neutralization system "Medisota" 35.04 (stainless steel).
The system is based on exposing microorganisms in humid environment to ultrahigh frequency (microwave) electromagnetic field ([резонансный бесконтактный нагрев биологических объектов]).
The system is designed for disinfecting clinical and biomedical waste, both on site of formation and/or centralized.
The system is capable of disinfecting waste, contaminated with any type of bacterial or viral infection.
Requires no chemical disinfectants, neither before nor during the disinfecting process.
Contaminated materials should be collected into disposable bags and stored in reusable containers.
The containers are then placed into the Medisota system and treated until totally decontaminated.